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The A to Z Career Building and Job Searching How-To Steps Are Now Combined in One Complete Resource.

Chart Your Course BookChart Your Course was created in textbook form after conducting over 30 years of workshops and individual mentoring to thousands of people in career transition - from university students to top-tier executives. In February 2017, to fulfil a university curriculum need these experiences were weaved together to form the CYC book.

CYC is a comprehensive resource guide filled with the A to Z of career building and job searching how-to steps. CYC is written in "building block" style, each chapter building on the prior ones.
The tools, gems of wisdom, mind-expanding exercises, time-proven techniques, solid practices and disciplines, when embraced, will distinguish you from others. This distinction will come with good old-fashioned work, concentrated effort in absorbing the reading material and whole-hearted energy in completing the exercises.
Reaping the benefits of CYC requires much more than just reading the book. It involves igniting your passion, asking questions, experimenting with new ideas and at times, pushing past your comfort zone. Above all, CYC encourages you to check everything out for yourself, gaining your own experience and seeing the value.
CYC is written for your whole life - not just your work life. It provides a path to integrating your attitude, purpose, imagination and exploring four remarkable core values into everything you do. It expands upon building a resume and having a stellar interview to creating a successful career.

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What People Are Saying!

I admit I was skeptical of CYC's simplicity. I thought to myself, 'How could the key to success be this easy?' An old proverb says, 'Knowledge is just a rumor until it lives in the body.' I encourage you to read and use this knowledge, allowing it to live in you. It will change your life!"
Greg Yarmesch, MBA, Area Operations Manager, US LBM Holdings, LLC.

Career Building

Chart Your Course is the A to Z of career building and job searching. Whether you're seeking a promotion, a new career direction, more work/life balance, or a rewarding job, CYC is your answer. This unique process works in "building block" style, each chapter building on the prior ones, in order to identify your key strengths and accomplishments that match personal and career endeavors.

Written for your whole life - not just your work life. CYC provides a path to integrating your attitude, purpose, imagination and exploring four remarkable core values into everything you do. It expands upon building a resume and having a stellar interview to creating a successful career. You're given a roadmap and a magic wand that, once waved, may eliminate your need to job-hunt ever again.

From the moment you dig in, you'll find gems of wisdom, mind-expanding exercises, time-proven techniques, and solid practices that you will use and treasure the rest of your life. Join us in building a bridge together from where you are to where you want to be.

CYC serves a wide range of Career Builders

CYC has the potential to gift just about anyone with insights and strategies. People at any age, from any background, and in any circumstance can reap the benefits that show up from taking the time to identify their key strengths and accomplishments and explore career building in a unique way.

The profile of the CYC Traveler is a committed, conscientious, and creative career builder on a journey of discovery. This includes:

  • Students from high schools, colleges and universities who are exploring “what do I really want to do?” and “what are the how-to steps to a rewarding career?” CYC is your guide. CYC provides a roadmap teaching you how to dream big and create a foundation based on purpose. Once that foundation is in place, you follow the map, step-by-step, in a series of practices and experiments that you can utilize the rest of your life. You are taught how to network and be dedicated to career building strategies from the beginning of your career. The momentum you build can change the trajectory of your career and soar to heights you never imagined.

  • Early Careerists, you are provided the A to Z how-to steps to optimize your networking skills and career building strategies, whether they may be external or internal to your present organization. CYC teaches you to continually stretch and dream big. You are encouraged to reap nuggets of wisdom from your coaches, mentors and colleagues, and give back in the form of mentoring and encouraging others. Working through the exercises in CYC annually, will guide you throughout your entire career to understand that dreaming big and remaining curious combined with “good-old-fashioned” work, effects your whole life – professional and personal, the relationships you develop and the decisions you make. Many seasoned careers say, “I wish I would have had CYC early in my career!”

  • Lane Changers Pivoting from one industry to another identify their transferable skills and how to follow their passion. Perhaps you graduated with impressive degrees, received a great job in your field with a handsome compensation, yet when you wake up in the morning you feel as though you “have to” rather than, “I can’t wait to" get to work! You learn the power of words and your imagination. You experience the value of your network and how to expand it. You may decide to expand your skills or seek new degrees or certifications.  In CYC you will experience a confidence in knowing that what you dream can come true. The openness to seeing things differently aligned with a commitment to career building strategies has the ability to provide you with career options that motivate and inspire you to live your greatness. 

  • Seasoned Careerists say over and over, they wish they had been exposed to the tools and ideas in CYC when they were in college and/or early in their career. Understanding many of you learned from the “school of hard knocks,” or felt the “shock factor” that just when you needed it most, your network was outdated and rather small. No matter where you are on your career journey, CYC is now the essential resource to provide you the key pieces of the job success puzzle.

  • Early Retirement isn’t for everyone and opens opportunities to explore “What do I want to do now?” Perhaps you were with the same company your entire career or became a subject matter expert with a secret desire to someday follow your new passion. CYC encourages re-tooling your life purpose, recapturing your innate ability to dream, incorporates 4 simple, yet magical core values that support you every step along the new path of your life's journey.


Job Searching

Chart Your Course is the A to Z of job searching and career building. Have you recently lost your job? Are you searching for your first job? Are you seeking a promotion? Are you interested in pivoting into a new industry?

For those of you that, “never thought this would happen to you,” and have lost your job, get ready – CYC has a job for you. The saying “Getting a job is a job,” will ring true as you dive into the 22 ACTIVE job searching strategies. Along with your select passive strategies, you will have way more than a 9 to 5 job. CYC provides the how-to get a job steps in detail. Combined with your good old-fashioned work, you will soar to heights you never imagined possible.

For the job seekers committed to networking and career building strategies, word will spread fast through your network if you happen to lose your job. You will not be “unemployed,” you will be available for new opportunities! You very well may receive multiple job offers quickly.

For the job seekers without a network or career building strategies, CYC offers you the opportunity to incorporate every little idea that is recommended in this book. You don’t want to wait until you lose your job to find out how valuable having a network really is. Whether you’re hunting your first job or your last one, pivoting to a new career, or not ready to retire yet, Chart Your Course delivers.


CYC serves a wide range of Job Seekers

  • Job Seekers Searching for their 1st Job can receive the benefits that all other job seekers say, “I wish I’d had the CYC guide and tools early in my career.” Whether a student, transitioning from the military or other life situation in which you find yourself searching for your 1st job, CYC provides a roadmap and the A to Z steps to land your first job. All is one resource, you will find tools to assist you in deciding what you want to do, explore your preferences, integrate 4 simple, yet magical core values into your search, write an outstanding resume, learn the dos and don’ts of interviewing, create and expand a network and engage multiple job search strategies to secure and celebrate your first job.

  • Job Seekers Searching for their 1st Promotion learn how to distinguish themselves and promote their uniqueness within their company. You experience an added degree of confidence by clearly stating your career aim and purpose. The 4 most powerful core values in any business culture are described in detail. By digging into CYC, along with some sweat equity, you will find out what the secret is to get promoted quicker. You will learn about giving and receiving and being a shining star. Internal interviewing and networking skills are taught. Yes, your internal company network may be one of your greatest career annuities. Above all, you will learn how to develop your listening, verbal and nonverbal communication skills and how to sell your ideas.

  • Job Seekers Changing Lanes and interested in pivoting from one industry to another learn to take inventory of transferable skills, desired new skills, certifications, and often seek new degrees. Those returning for their masters and securing an internship can experience the new industry environment and often times be offered a job. The CYC networking chapter guides you to build and optimize network and the “Six Degrees of Separation” theory which is often the path to changing lanes.

  • Job Seekers Searching while Gainfully Employed receive tips as they experience the balancing act required to be committed to their current position while conducting an active job search. CYC assists you with creating a plan of action and optimizing your time. The intensity of feeling like you have "two jobs" will not last forever. Your search will have a beginning, middle and an end. Having a job while searching for a job can increase your marketability and keeps you busy, so the “waiting game” does not always seem so long.

  • Job Seekers Who Lost their Job and dive into CYC are gifted with the how-to get a job steps all in one resource. Tools and exercises are provided for you to be mindful of what you think and say, get in touch with your preferences and what you want to do. You are given The Fundamental 4, the 4 most powerful core values for your job search. The resume writing chapter provides you ways to make your resume stand out and distinguish yourself. You learn the dos and don’ts of all different types of interviews. The value of good-old-fashioned work as you expand your network and build momentum is taught in ways that can change the trajectory of your job search instantly. You are encouraged as a job seeker to dive into and passionately work 10 or more of the 22 ACTIVE job search strategies detailed in the book. CYC is your co-pilot that guides you no matter where you are on your career journey. 

What if you never had to search for a job again?

Chart Your Course, simply stated, is a life-long career resource like nothing you've ever seen before. It is a practical guide to creating and enhancing the career-building and job search process... Read More