What is a DOG STAR? Maybe you’ll recognize Alpha Canis Majoris? Or what about Sirius? All are the same thing…the brightest star in the night sky! Dave Harris, founder of Dog Star Prep, wants to help students BECOME the Dog Star in their academic and career pursuits. Dog Star Prep is all about enhancing student success by preparing them to be college and career ready.

It's their time to SHINE!


Our mission is to unleash the potential of high-achieving high school and college students by providing customized leadership development coaching. Our one-of-a-kind program teaches students how to differentiate themselves and standout to potential employers and academic institutions. Our founder, Dave, is a Certified Professional Coach with over 30 years of experience coaching students on how they can create their unique value proposition during college to standout and become the Dog Star.

Our Become the Dog Star Program Consists of Three Modules:

MODULE 1 provides practical advice on how to buildoutstanding and long-lasting professional networks,starting when a student first steps foot on campus. We teach students how to network with their faculty members,peers, and others to maximize their future opportunities.

MODULE 2 teaches students how to gain the skills andknowledge employers seek. We guide them on how to strategically select their courses to stand out in themarketplace.

MODULE 3 focuses on strategies to enhance academicsuccess. Dave provides students with important practical college success tips they can immediately use.

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